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Price List

Ground Interment Property

Standard Full Grave $5000
Baby Grave $900
Cremation Grave $1600
* Includes Endowment Care  

Mausoleum Property

Single Crypts $4450 - $6850
Cremation Niches $2150

Serenity Memorial Park

Cremation Scattering Ossuary $899.25
* Includes endowment care, recording fee, opening and closing, bronze marker plate and tax.

Pre-need Payment Plans Available

Granite Markers, Monuments and Bronze Plaques available for sale >>

Please inquire for costs of additional At-need expenses.

Prices listed are for the purchase of grave crypt or niche property only and does not include recording fee, opening and closing, liner or vault, marker and installation.

Price listing as of 12-31-2021 - Prices subject to change.

Trees Approved for Memorial Planting >>


St. Helena Cemetery old grave monument