Trees Approved for Memorial Planting | Saint Helena Cemetery Association

Trees Approved for Memorial Planting


  1. Deodar Cedar
  2. Atlas Cedar (Blue)
  3. Incense Cedar
  4. Ponderosa Pine
  5. Coast Redwood
  6. Southern Magnolia
  7. Coast Live Oak
  8. Japanese Maple
  9. Fan Palm
  10. Italian Fan Palm
  11. Black Oak
  12. California Bay Laurel
  13. Dawn Redwood
  14. Big Leaf Maple
  15. Red Maple
  16. Dogwood
  17. Flowering Crabapple, Cherry, Plum
  18. “Tulip” magnolia

No fruiting trees accepted. Locations to be approved by Board, must be appropriate for tree growth and habit.

You purchase tree and we will plant. Charges vary according to size of tree. $200 - $300. Plaques may be ordered through the office.